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This is Coemgar from the Knights of Amon Sul  kinship.   We are a Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the Arkenstone server (formerly Elendilmir).   Welcome to our website.  Please register your character if you have some time.  I'll need to accept your name before it will show up on the roster.  Let me know if I fall behind on that (in game or by guildportal mail).
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Server Move to Arkenstone

Coemgar, Sep 20, 15 3:14 PM.
We were able to obtain 8 Haven Way, Tund Loriel for our Kin house again.  There are are a bunch of items in housing Escrow.  We will try to redecorate our pad as there is time.  However,  every Kin member has permission to redecorate, so feel free.

More skirmish raiding for fun and profit!

Fomites, Nov 4, 11 12:19 PM.
KoAS revisited Prancing Pony and Breaching the Necromancer's Gate last night.  A pickup member won the Navigational Chart, Norbs got a nice Agi Earring (Shadow-stalker's stud iirc) and Thorhey got some nice teal medium armor pieces.  A Careworn Earring also dropped, think Eleth got that?

Anyway, grats all again.  No worn symbol this time; I'm starting to think we should just drop a normal off the top of The Tower and see if it will wear out as it tumbles downward and goes splat.

The only tricky thing to note about these two was that the last boss in Breaching does a massive aoe in melee range and needs corruption removal on him.

We also did Thievery and Mischief (for an hour!).  It is very important to

1)  Keep the 4 bosses separated into four corners
2)  Stun immunity on folks tanking the bosses
3)  Rose Greenleaf has a pot-able eye that whacks the group for massive damage; you can also just move yourself away from the group if your pot is on cool-down
4)  Rose Greenleaf has a reflect damage rotation during which you can two-shot yourself if you load up a big enough devastating crit
5)  Rosey heals herself and the mobs around her, and the amount goes up if other bosses get close.  She needs to die fast and first, and you need to keep interrupts on her to stop the healing madness.  Champs/cappies/burgs are good to be on her, and having both addle legacies on your burg bag probably helps
6)  You can reset the fight by moving towards the gate if it's going badly, rez folks, and try again (GOOD!) 
7)  You can reset the fight by getting too close to the gate if you die/retreat (BAD!)
8)  I would personally put this skirmish at the very back of any rotation because of the time it takes and finnicky-ness of the last fight.

Three raid skirms and no wipes (thank goodness)

Fomites, Oct 27, 11 12:03 AM.
KoAS ran Defense of Prancing Pony (warning:  do not ask for help with pp raid in /glff...the response is brooootal), Tuckborough, and Breaching Necrophi...Necromancer's Lair.

Great big fat stanking loot was spread around.  A cloak for Arandian, a Navigational Map to our friend Lutro, an Earring to Fomites.

Come out next week if you'd like.  It's on the Calendar for Tues, but will be on again for Wed. also.  We had to pug 3 spots (sorry Hal!) for the first one.  I don't begrudge pickup members getting nice stuff, but much prefer it to stay in kin and our close friends :)

KoAS heads to Isen!

Fomites, Sep 27, 11 12:08 AM.
Launch date today saw some minor to moderate hassles for some.  Happy to see some old timers like Hyarion and Chararan hop back in!  Good hunting to all in the new area, don't hesitate to shout if you need a hand, or a dagger!

KoAS heads to the Moors

Fomites, Sep 16, 11 1:56 PM.
KoAS mustered half a raid last night and rambled around the moors.  Notable moments were the multiple Eletheian bloodlust "Bring me Cowlick's head" suicide pushes into TA, flipping LC and TR with 6 or 8 of us, discovering the real reason that one-shotters are called one-shotters, and generally skirmishing with creeps unlucky enough to be cut off from their raid.  Somewhere around 500 renown was had.

We saw Hurod, who popped into vent to say hello and chat for a few minutes.

One last thing--a nice tip--courtesy of Extract:  be in a group with group members around you when you open the chests at GV.  It doubles or triples the amount of big phat stankin' lootzes that drop, increasing your chance of a shiny Tyrant's crest or Chieftain's seal.
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